Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Love As Defined by God: Love Beareth All Things; It Endureth All Things--Lesson 9

Lesson 9:  Love beareth all things; it endureth all things.  I Corinthians 13: 7 --Some read the first, covers all things. So the original also signifies. Charity will cover a multitude of sins, 1Pe_4:8. It will draw a veil over them, as far as it can consistently with duty. It is not for blazing nor publishing the faults of a brother, till duty manifestly demands it. Necessity only can extort this from the charitable mind. Though such a man be free to tell his brother his faults in private, he is very unwilling to expose him by making them public.

Thus we do by our own faults, and thus love would teach us to do by the faults of others; not publish them to their shame and reproach, but cover them from public notice as long as we can, and be faithful to God and to others. Or, it beareth all things, - will pass by and put up with injuries, without indulging anger or cherishing revenge, will be patient upon provocation, and long patient - holds firm, though it be much shocked, and borne hard upon; sustains all manner of injury and ill usage, and bears up under it, such as curses, contumacies, slanders, prison, exile, bonds, torments, and death itself, for the sake of the injurious, and of others; and perseveres in this firmness.

By:  Matthew Henry


  1. This makes me question myself--Do I really love as I should? Probably not. God help me to love as he does.

  2. I sure wish you would feel free to comment on my blog posts. I think it is set where you do not have to jump through many hoops!!!!

  3. Actually, you may not have to jump through any. Try it!!!